You Should Be….

Every day we are bombarded with being told how we should feel, what we should think, what we should do, how we should vote. The media – from the news, to the radio, to the social media, to our friends, to our family. You should be afraid, you should be ashamed, you should vote for (Blank). There are constantly people trying to tell you how you should think, feel, and act. They are great at telling you what products you should buy, how you should spend your money, save your money.

Wow, with all these people coming at us constantly, it can get hard to decide what to do, how to think, and how to feel. We can easily be influenced, even when we don’t realize it. We can pick up on how others are feeling and feel the same way. Fear and anger can be spread like a wildfire. The media amps up a story, whipping people into a frenzy, making them angry and afraid for whatever and then moves on to the next story. Social media posts will make you laugh, cry, join, share, like.

But often times the one thing they don’t want you to do is think. Think for yourself, decide for yourself, be informed. Because if you do stop and think, do your research, find out the truth – you will realize that much of it is BS. That what they are saying isn’t true. That the information they are passing on to you is not the whole story or is complete lies. It’s being said to manipulate you, to influence you, to get you to do whatever it is they want you to do. That happens on a daily basis over and over.

But how do you stop from being influenced and manipulated? Well, you can’t stop it completely. We are social creatures. We listen to those around us and the media around us and we are emotional beings. But, there are things you can do. You can stop when you find yourself getting angry or afraid and think about it. Why are you feeling that way? Is there really a reason. Do some research. Is the president really a terrorist who wants to take prayer out of school? Probably not. Is there really a reason to stop eating a certain food or you will die? Probably not. Is the latest bacteria going to wipe out mankind in some type of pandemic? Probably not.

All of these things play on one big fear. Our own fear of our mortality. The fear that we are going to die. Big news flash. We are all going to die. Someday. No one here is immortal. So, when our time comes, we are each going to pass on. Whether you believe in heaven, hell, the after world, Valhalla, or reincarnation – we will all leave this realm for something else. We might get hit by a bus. We might be killed by an illness, or time, or choking on a piece of candy. But when our time is up, our time is up. We can’t know when that will be. But the fear is, we don’t want to go. We aren’t ready to go. It’s like the kid watching tv or playing a video game – Just 5 more minutes Mom!

But spending the time you have on this planet being afraid just takes away from the quality of that time. There are things you should be afraid of, things that do have an impact on your life. You shouldn’t eat unhealthy, you should do some form of exercise,  you should take care of yourself when you are sick. You should make each day count. But what you shouldn’t do is spend the whole time letting anyone else dictate to you how you should live your life or feel.


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