High Expectations

I think it happens to many people – New Year’s Eve or day, they start out fresh with big ideas and hopes. They set all kinds of resolutions and plunge into the new year with motivation and hope. But it rarely lasts for long. Before the end of the month usually, it’s back to the grindstone and the same old thing. Some people get upset by that, some barely notice it.

To me, it’s like the new car smell. You bring the new year in all bright and shiny and looking good. But it doesn’t take long to realize that it’s just a date, that things aren’t really different if you aren’t really different. And change is hard. The thing also is, nothing is going to change if you don’t change – and big changes aren’t long lasting changes.

Changing takes time, effort, and patience. Saying you are going to stop eating all junk food, quit smoking, and jog 10 miles a day – all starting on the first of the year is setting yourself up for failure. When it doesn’t happen, you get mad and quit trying all of it. Wow, really? This isn’t an Amish barn raising. Expecting yourself to change everything starting in one day is like committing life improvement suicide. And then people can’t figure out why this year is turning out just like last year.

That being said, I’m guilty of putting my hopes on new years. I’m symbolic and love the idea of a fresh start. But hopefully I have learned a few things about making changes in my life. So, instead of jumping in feet first on the first of the new year, I’m using this time to make a plan. A plan that will be implemented along the way, through the year. Baby steps that I can not only do, but maintain.

So, right before the new year, I took out this blog – er A New Year, A New Me – and warmed up to start making these changes. So, welcome to my new year. I hope you join me on my journey and share with me your events, thoughts, and changes along the year’s path. Maybe we can share some encouragement, some laughs, and some support along the way. I do have high expectations for 2016. Maybe just not all on day one.

Happy New Year! I hope it’s a good one for you.


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