Hearing the Music

How often in my life have I gotten what I wanted or though I wanted and then down the line realized that maybe it wasn’t all I thought it would be. Or maybe something I really enjoy doing simply becomes a chore. It can take some effort to make it new again. Or bring back the joy I felt with something. This picture reminded me of that.


When I get tired or stressed, things I love can become just irritation or noise. Such as outings with my family, family get togethers, talking with friends, going to work, driving. So many things can become that way.

When I first got the job I have now, it was my dream job. I couldn’t believe that I found it and got hired. But after awhile – it became not a dream job, but a job that I woke up thinking I didn’t want to go to. It was just stressful and exhausting. But I realized it wasn’t the job that changed, but how I look at it. I had stopped hearing the music and it had become noise. I had to listen for it again.

My son is a joy to me, I love him with all my heart – as I do all my kids. But instead of enjoying his constant chatter and doing things with him, I found myself wishing for silence and time alone. I forgot that my time with him is limited. He will not be this young all his life nor will he always want to hang out with his old mom and share everything with me. I should treasure this time with him, not wish it away. I had to find the joy in being his mom again.

I know that everyone needs down time, everyone should take some time for silence and meditation. But the world and the things we have in our lives are the notes that make up the beautiful melody of our lives. If it has become noise – either we need to make changes – or we need to stop and remember the beauty in the song.

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