The Day After

There is so much hustle, bustle, and stress that leads up to the chaos and craziness that is Christmas day. You spend hours, money, and thought trying to find, get, and wrap the perfect gift for your friends and family. The day of you may wake up early and rip into them, or travel long hours to be with loved ones. But no matter how you look at it –  you probably spend days or even months planning for this one day.

You may spend the day eating good food that took forever to cook, but only an hour to eat. You had maybe just a few presents under the tree, or maybe a mound. You may have gotten the perfect gift from your significant other, or an ugly sweater from an aunt you see once a year. Then you all sit around, full and tired. You trek home and climb into bed, the chaos over.

The day after Christmas, you are left with bags of torn wrapping paper, empty packages, dirty dishes, and often times the friends and family have left to go back to their homes, or you have travel home. It always seem anti-climactic to me. Like looking at the damage after a storm. I shake my head and think – all of that planning, money, and lead up – and now, it’s over. It’s back to normal. It’s not exactly depression – just a kind of “what now?” feeling. I was so busy trying to get everything done before the big day, but now that it’s over, what do you do?

Now, granted – there is still cleaning to do, laundry to fold, and getting ready for work tomorrow. But that all seems unimportant. Not that I am disappointed or sorry that we did all we did to make it to Christmas day. Just curious if I’m the only one who feels a bit lost afterwards. Like an empty stadium after a big concert. Only the day before there were thousands of cheering fans, noise and life. Now there are only a few workers roaming around, picking up the left over trash and the silence.

Maybe I’m just strange. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks like this. And maybe, just maybe, I should go start the dishes and stop thinking about it. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.


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